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Cross Cultural Management

Cross Cultural Management Made Easy

Simple, 'to the point' cross cultural training for dealing with business persons from around the world. All situations.

How to successfully do business with Japan

Learn How to Successfully Do Business in Japan (Udemy Course Rating- 4.5)

All about Japan, Culture, Daily Life, Japan Business, Japan Market, Infrastructure, Distribution Channels, Challenges

Learn to lead people

Organizational Behavior and People Management (Udemy Course Rating- 4.4)

Study of organizational behavior, leading and managing people, team management & positive corporate culture building

FEMA 1999 Explained

FEMA 1999 & Foreign Exchange Regulations In India (Udemy Course Rating- 4.7)

FEMA 1999, Foreign Exchange Rules in India, Residents, Non Residents, FX Bank Accounts, Current Account, Capital Account

How LC works

All About Documentary Credit (Udemy Course Rating- 4.4)

A beginner's guide on - How does a LC work?, What is UCP?, Types of LCs, Blockchain Based LC, Role of Banks, Costs of LC

Course Thumbnail

Blockchain, Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies, Made Simple (Udemy Course Rating- 4.1)

Complete blockchain knowledge. Past, present & future of Bitcoin, Business perspective & applications, Exports Focus.

International Letter of Credit & UCP: Advanced Certification (Udemy Course Rating- 4.0)

Learn how LC cycle works for exports and imports. All about UCP 600 & 500 and ISBP 2007. Types of LCs / Discrepancies.

Exports Risks Management Course Image

Learn to Manage All Exports Risks Easily | For Any Nation (Udemy Course Rating- 4.2)

Exports risks management made easy. All transit, commercial, financial and L/C risks management, tips and techniques

Discover your exports skills and potential course image

Beginner's Guide to Skills Required for Exports Business (Udemy Course Rating- 4.7)

Discover your potential for an exports career, your implicit skills, exports skills required for exports business

Online Course Image

Learn to Instantly Setup Online Exports Business Worldwide (Udemy Course Rating- 4.6)

Instantly Set Up Online Exports Business, Create Online Business Assets on Top International marketplaces like Amazon.

Entire Exports Process Made Easy | Exports From Any Nation

Entire Exports Process Made Easy | Exports From Any Nation (Udemy Course Rating- 4.4)

Complete Exports Success Course. Learn All Aspects of Successful Exports Business. Learn Exporting. All Simple Concepts

Course thumbnail

Online Global Business Setup Made Easy (Udemy Course Rating- 4.4)

Set up online global business at no cost, Step by step tools and techniques, Amazon Global Selling, Other Online Markets

Online Course Image

Learn Practical Exports Marketing Skills From Practitioners (Udemy Course Rating- 4.2)

Practical Exports Marketing Tip & Techniques, Rare & Smart Exports Skills Learning Made Easy, Easily Deal With Importers

Online Course Image

All About Bitcoin and Blockchain: In हिंदी Language (Udemy Course Rating- 4.5)

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bitcoin Mining, DeFi, BTC buy / sell, Buinsess applications in simple English+ Hindi Language

Online Course Image

All Exports Imports Documentation And Procedure: Any Origin (Udemy Course Rating- 4.2)

Entire Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment Exports Documents and Procedures Made Easy. Know All Exports Operations, Customs

Course thumbnail image

Entire Global Digital and Social Media Marketing, Strategies (Udemy Course Rating- 4.5)

Exports Focused Digital & Social Media Tips and Techniques, SEO, GoogleAds, Facebook Ads, Amazon Global Selling Success

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Excellent courses by Dr. Vijesh Jain. From start to the end it is most engaging and informative.
Curtis William
Really good courses on learning exports processes. Very inspiring lessons. Easy to understand.
From China
Amazing courses by VJ Exports Mastery Series. Made me confident in exports field.
Ali Alketbi
From UAE
Life changing courses. Helped me setup my exports business.
From Mumbai, India