How does it Work?

eBizee Institute of IB and Entrepreneurship is a one of its kind of Institute offering most innovative, interactive and practical ‘future income’ proof courses which are with global orientation and are affordable, accurate, updated and delivered by the experienced national and international core and visiting faculty and expert resource persons from across the world. Pay less to learn MORE.

Our Vision Is To Provide You Truly Online Experience at Most Affordable Prices Without Compromising on the Quality of Our Courses and Study Experience.

When a students enrolls with eBizee choosing a program or course in the shopping cart, he can study the course immediately if the start date of the course is met. In case there is no start date, it means course can be studied immediately. This documentation explains the programs or courses delivery method, speed and related information step by step.  By purchasing the courses, students consents to abide by the rules, terms and conditions as listed in the relevant documents and links on the website which are given in the footer of the website.



Study, Assignments & Exams

Motto of eBizee is to keep the interest of all stakeholders in mind while delivering the programs and courses online. Students are expected to be aware of all the terms and conditions of engagement which are contained in the program or course pack which are downloadable or read on the website prominently. After payment student is allowed to use its account and manage the academic links which are delivered at the pace and speed chosen by the student, as all our programs are self paced. As per the terms of the program or course pack, students are expected to successfully clear all the assignments, projects quizzes and exams as prescribed for specific program or course. The are online secure examinations which uses state of the art technology to avoid proxies, plagiarism and other unfair means in the examinations in the long term courses. Students are expected to use the video lectures, reading material and other assignments to be ready to take up these examinations and be successful wherever specified in the course details. Normally students are provided with one additional attempt to clear a particular examination as instructed in the program or course pack. 

eBizee students are expected to be self motivated to undergo all training methods and learn from these material including projects and case studies. Only way to test the learning by eBizee is through conduction of the exams and other evaluation methods. Each trainer and faculty is expected to arrange regular pre-scheduled doubt clearing webinars for each long term course more than 5 months long or as mentioned in the course details. Normally each live webinar is held every week for a particular such course.

eBizee is always busy in making the knowledge available to its enrolled students by continuously improving and updating its eBusiness and eCommerce courses. It is always seeking alliances and support by the best minds and best brands in the world to make a difference in its offerings to students. The vision of eBizee is to become the world’s number one IB and Entrepreneurship training institute by offering Post Graduate Certificate Programs, Short Certificate Programs, mentoring services and individual Courses to its students. Therefore any feedback and suggestions by students are taken very seriously by eBizee.

We wish all the best for all our enrolled and future students.

Happy online learning experience. Pay less to learn MORE.

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