eBizee Institute of IB and Entrepreneurship LLP is a one of its kind of virtual Institute offering most innovative, interactive and practical ‘future income’ proof Business courses which are with global orientation and are affordable, accurate, updated and delivered by the experienced international faculty and expert resource persons from across the world. These are frequently asked questions which are answered below.

A PG Program is an advanced certificate program generally consisting of several topic groups. Recommended duration of completion of a PG certificate Program is appx 5 to 6 months with a reference duration of 12 to 14 hours of study per week. However depending upon the speed of learning and time availability a students can decide to speed up or slow the learning process. These choices can be managed in the account area of the student. If the start date of the program is mentioned the program will only be available from the start date. If the start date is not menitioned the program is available immediately after the payment is successful. When mentioned, a PG program may consist of appx 30% (unless mentioned otherwise) live sessions or doubt clearing sessions. Live sessions will also be made available online after these are conducted.

A certificate course typically consists of groups of topic, each topic having several lessons (text and video) and can be completed in a recommended period of 1 to 3 months with a reference duration of 8 to 10 hours per week of time spent online. In some cases a certificate course can be of a shorter duration when mentioned that way. Please check details of each certificate course.

In order to pay for the programs or course you add the particular program to the shopping cart and go to check out. You will need to pay full amount in advance using our payment gateway using any credit card or any UPI payment valet. We use Razorpay payment gateway for online payments. All international payments can also be done seamlessly.

Once you pay for the program or course you can start the course immediately. Once you log in to your account, you have automatically consented for all terms and conditions for the enrollment as mentioned in the link given in the footer for the program or course. You can claim your fees paid within 1 working day after deduction of INR 1000 as admin and convenience fee.

All our programs are in online mode. There are several video lectures associated with each of the course in a program. Support reading material is provided in PG certificate programs of 6 months duration or where it is menitoned as deliverable. In addition weekly doubt clearing sessions are scheduled for certain course where mentioned through webinar format by the respective trainer. We try to have a ratio of 30 % live sessions and 70% recorded sessions for longer duration courses. However this ratio may vary form course to course and according to the choice of the faculty concerned. Please details for each course individually.

All courses at eBizee.com provides for verified e-certificates. A verified e-certificate is a web based e-certificate which has a verification code associated with the e-certificate and comes with a web address of itself. This web link can be shared with anyone and can not be manipulated and is securely protected. Yo can download or view your e-certificate any number of times and 24X7.

Quizzes and exams are conducted online and these are embedded in certain courses. In addition in certain long term courses there are secure  special exams that uses anti proxy, anti plagiarism technology to ensure free and fair exams. Assignments and projects may be required to be submitted separately  to eBizee as demanded through emails by the faculty in some courses.

eBizee.com uses state of the art technology to offer superfast SSD based hosting server with SSL certificate, which are most secure and fire walled. The data is encrypted and your privacy is protected by  SSL certificate. Your exam related information is protected by eBizee.com protocol.

Once your payment is successful you can immediately undertake the course. Following is the step by step procedure to undertake the course:

  1. Add the course to the shopping cart.
  2. Click the shopping cart and check the quantity and amount. Refresh if there is any discrepancy.
  3. Use payment gateway to pay the amount.
  4. Once the payment is successful, your account is automatically created and useid is sent to your email. You can use either the sent USERID or your email id entered by you. Please remember and write the password entered by you at the time of checkout. (if you forget, use the forget password button during log in to change the password)
  5. After the payment is successful you are already loggedin and you can start the course by CLICKING HERE
  6. Alternatively you can go your ‘My Account’ and click on the ‘dashboard’ link to go to your dashboard.
  7. In your dashboard check the list of all your enrolled courses and click on the course you want to start reading.
  8. Once you start the course the website will remember your progress automatically hence next time you come back it will start from the point where you left last time.
  9. Please ensure to click the button ‘ COMPLETE LESSON’ on leach lesson (Text as well as video lesson). It is important to record your progress.
  10. To go to next lesson click ‘NEXT’ at the bottom
  11. To ask question to the instructor use the Q & A section on the left.
  12. If you are using mobile phone to undertake the lesson, use chrome browser in your mobile phone. An icon will be automatically created in your browser to go to the course. Use the same steps as above in the mobile device. The course and videos is mobile and tablet friendly.
  13. In case the audio in the video is not clear stop the video and start again or refresh. You can not download the video or copy the link of the video.
  14. Quiz and assignment progress is automatically recorded with the admin but you can check your entire quiz record using the quiz attempted button in your dashboard.
  15. Visit this LINK to see the video explaining the complete procedure. CLICK HERE

Yes you can teach and sell your courses online on eBizee.com. Procedure for the same is given below

  1. In the footer section of every page click on the instructor registration and fill your details to register as instructor.
  2. In upto one working day your request would be approved by admin
  3. Once your request has been approved you will find a black bar on the top of your browser after you login in the My account section.
  4. There you will find a button named ‘ NEW’
  5. Here you choose New Course and start building your course
  6. CLICK HERE to see complete video of the procedure

Yes you can teach and sell your courses online on eBizee.com. To see how to create courses online see this video.

  1. CLICK HERE to see complete video of the procedure

All the programs and courses offered by eBizee are for self learning and enhancement of skills. eBizee does not provide placement support. However eBizee plans to offer in future a placement online forum where job seekers and job givers will be encouraged to interact publicly. In certain courses there may be special provisions for placement support if offered. In additon in longer courses, placement guidance may be provided if mentioned in the course. Please check details of the course. 

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